Tools & Technology

Put your trust in reliable resources. New Creation Solutions makes use of the latest and best tools and technologies available.


Linux, Windows, Java, iOS, Android, Symbian, Embedded

Processor Level Optimisation

ARM assembly, SIMD assembly, OpenCL

Development Tools

C/C++, Python, Scala, LL (Ruby, PHP, Perl), .net, Java, ColdFusion, PL/SQL

Computer Graphics Technologies

Realtime 2D/3D software rendering, DirectX, OpenGL, OpenVG

Networking Technologies

BSD Socket, P2P (STUN NAT Traversal), HTTP, WebSocket

Databases, Data Analysis & Visualisation

PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL, Hadoop, NumPy, Matplotlib, Oracle

Native Mobile App Development

Native (Android, iOS, WindowsPhone, Symbian, NintendoDS), WebView+HTML5

Cross Platform App Development

HTML5, Java, Python, Titanium, Qt, Moai

Web Service Development

Django/Google App Engine (Python), Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Node.js (JavaScript), Symfony (PHP)

Enterprise Application Integration

App and Web Services Platforms, MS BizTalk

Engineering Tools

Dev & QA Engineering, Infrastructure Monitoring

Cloud and Virtualisation

Amazon AWS, EC2, MS Azure, VMWare


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